We, the People.

I talk a lot about action, hope, positivity and fearlessness.

Today I felt terrified, unmotivated, overwhelmingly hopeless and worried about our future.

I completely recognize that all of this hate is nothing but a sideshow to the rapidly oppressive regime, and it’s a well-orchestrated distractionary measure to keep our eye off the ball. So I initially hesitated on addressing it because I didn’t want to play into the game of which I so often, as of late, feel a pawn.

But I’ve learned that if I do not speak my truth, it will fester in me forever.

So first and foremost, I will say three things:

1. it’s fucked up what you’re doing;

2. We see you;

3. We will not be silenced.

Furthermore, I will not let the fear and hopelessness wash over me.

I’ve listened to people with differing opinions, let them state their claim (so often rooted in fear of what they don’t understand).

I also have seen the power of people who really believe in positive change, the human spirit of love and compassion, stand up for what’s right.

Together we can create a country we are proud of.

I have loved ones who voted for this President. I came to some of them in the days following the election with tear-streaked face in an attempt to find answers on a personal level –  asking them why they had voted

for someone poised to take away my rights and freedoms as an LGBT woman, they all responded, “he’s not gonna do that. he’s not looking to take away rights from gay people.”

I really was praying they were right, and that I would never have to say ‘I told you so.’

But the day has come, and it must be addressed.

We will not lie down and take it. We will fight back for equality as we have done for decades.

Please remember all of this as it comes time to cast your next ballots. Please do not go into the fetal position because this will not stop and we need all hands on deck.

I know people are so overwhelmed with politics and the nasty dichotomy it so often results in – I know I was for far too long. But sticking our heads in the sand only means that we will continue to be victims of our own circumstance.

If you’re thinking, ‘well, congress doesn’t have an election until next year,’ let me remind you there are local elections all over the country this November, with primaries in September.

PLEASE PLEASE look up the information for your local races, learn about the candidates, and do all you can to support those who represent what you believe in.

Volunteer for a campaign. Share stories. Tell your friends.

Don’t be afraid of people who disagree.

Many have died (and are still dying) for our right to an open debate, which is an essential part of our freedom, and what makes us America.

Even small actions can have a big impact.

If you disagree with my political leanings, I don’t love you any less. We are all entitled to our opinions. And while it saddens me to see a lack of open minds and hearts, I can only hope to change minds and hearts to understand the gravity of the situation and the true impact it causes.

But please understand when you make choices and take action to support decisions that affect my (and others) rights and freedoms, you are hurting your brothers and sisters.

I can only share my story and hope to inspire others. That’s what I use social media for, and I will never stop.

It’s time for We, the People, to stand up and be counted.

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