Today I Come Clean

So the truth is, I’m going through a lot of darkness lately. I’m not gonna let it take me down, (NEVER!) but sometimes I get so lost in trying to motivate and inspire positivity that I forget to keep it


 When I was 32, outwardly, I was on top of the world and “happy.” I was in a committed relationship with the love of my life, had a career as a litigation attorney that I worked REALLY hard to get,

Fearless From The Inside-Out

Most teenagers have an awkward phase. But my uncomfortability with my myself began long before – and lasted long after – those few teenage years. I was fearless enough to try anything when I was little — no one could

Guilt -FREE Chicken Rollatini!

YES! you CAN eat healthy and still have all this! The weather is getting colder and it’s oven season in my house, so I decided to give my own spin on chicken rollatini. I tested it on my girlfriend’s family

Live Every Moment

It’s a simple message but one I’m guilty of completely disregarding. I’ll walk past something breathtakingly beautiful in the middle of nowhere and be so busy, head-in-my-phone that I don’t even look up or barely take it in. Like this

Every Picture Has A Story

*WARNING: REALNESS AHEAD!* I have had this “before” picture in my phone’s “transformation” album for QUITE some time and have passed it by countless times. Why? Because when I look at it, i think, “it’s not good enough of a

Finding Beauty in Tragedy

It’s a story I’ve told at least a hundred times.  I never wrote about it. It’s one of those “I’m from NY and lived in NYC too long and we have to be too damn cool for shit and talking