Out Of My Cage

“Argue for your limitations and you get to keep them.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

I’ll admit it…this morning I allowed an external event to pierce my shield and, as a result, wallowed in self-pity all morning…which led to an existential crisis (when in doubt, I ALWAYS go meta).

I let the fear seep in and swallow up all the hope.

I contemplated an entire new direction for my life.

The thing is, when I decide I’ve failed at something, I start looking for an exit strategy. Then I start at square one, and guess what? I find myself in the same place a year or two (or 7) later.

Why? I’ve let myself get in my own damn way. I’ve let my own false limitations build up a tiny little cage that has made me feel safe.

So I talked it out with a friend. The kind of friend I go months without talking to and yet always knows exactly what I’m saying. (side note: when you find one of these hold on tight and never let go!)

The answer is always in working on yourself.

I’ve wiped away the tears and I’m moving forward, thanks to the growth I’ve had up until this point which has taught me to be open to the universe’s gentle guidance – and don’t let mercury being in retrograde fuck with you.

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