Me and My “Hair”brained Ideas

I don’t know about you, but for me, changing up my hair gives me LIFE!

It can be totally scary to go in and ask for anything radical to be done to your hair, especially something in the red family if you’ve never gone that route before…

But I had a vision and I was dying to see it through – because I’ve learned that when I get that uneasy feeling about stepping outside my comfort zone, I have to charge full speed ahead – it’s part of growing!

So I have some tips for you if you’re ready to take the plunge!

1. KNOW and TRUST your colorist. This is NOT something that I recommend doing with a groupon at a salon you’ve never been to (been there, done that)…

2. bring lots of pictures and be explicit about what you want! just a picture and “kind of like that” means you probably won’t be happy with the result – don’t be afraid to speak up! it’s your hair and you’re probably spending some good money on it too don’t be shy

3. find a hairstylist that will be brutally honest with you — luckily for me, that’s built into my “no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is” family. My aunt won’t hesitate to tell me about the limits of what my texture and color hair will allow…or what will look completely hideous with my skin tone — better to hear it before the permanent dye is put in ?

4. KNOW what brands of colors have been used on your hair if you’ve dyed it in the past. Most salons keep a record of what your have had in your hair — don’t be afraid to call and ask. Why? Some brands have a yellow base and some have a blue or green base….and I’ve gone from one place to another without asking — even when going from blonde highlights to blonde highlights – and ending up with green hair. If your stylist has the info she’ll know what to do to tone it or pick a different volume or color to compensate ?

5. Ask your stylist to explain how to achieve the style at home — I’m a total ditz with a blowdryer and my aunt has had to teach me almost every time I go…I still apparently do it wrong…but I’m learning! ??

6. Don’t be afraid to ask any question you have along the way! A lot of what you read on the internet is (wait for it…) incorrect!!! (i.e. – I asked my aunt about freshly washed vs day or two old hair for color – bc I had read somewhere that the scalp is protected from the color better if you have a little bit of oil. NOT TRUE! the more oil on your hair, the less porous it is when absorbing the color!)

Always ask for referrals from your friends too — that’s the best way to know where to go

And as always, throw up gratitude. Thank you thank you THANK YOU aunt Marianne for putting the extra sass in my strut! I’m in LOVE!


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