I’ve sipped the Kool-Aid, and it is DELICIOUS!

I was always the kind of girl that scoffed at all the fitness motivational posts I’d see — truth is they intimidated me so I pretended to be above them…

Especially ones like “never miss a Monday,” and “I regret that workout, said no one ever…”

What can I say, I’ve been converted.

This morning, when my regular morning accountability buddy wasn’t around to push me to get it done, I whined, I meandered, I used it as an excuse to procrastinate my workout…

But I know that accountability begins with ME. If I can’t be accountable for my own actions or inactions, I let MYSELF down.

So I got on that horse and pushed myself.

And now, I’m back to feeling like the bad ass #gringabeast I am.

Getting it done on Monday not only sets me up for the week, but empowers me, propels me forward, and reminds me of how strong I really am.

Go forth and tackle your Monday my peeps! #nevermissamonday #bringitmonday

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