More than meets the eye.

Transformation is SO much more than meets the eye.  The girl on the left had just passed the bar exam after failing not one — but two times. She was on “vacation” in New Orleans working with Habitat for Humanity

Have you lost yourself?

I have a different kind of #transformationtuesday to offer today. Yesterday I had to drive to the beatific appellate courthouse in Brooklyn to pick up my attorney certificate of good standing. 45 Monroe holds a lot of memories for me.

Sunday Confessional…

Sunday Confession… Ok so I feel the need to come clean about something… These past couple of weeks, my workouts have been half-assed. My nutrition? Welllllll…let’s say I’ve been starting out my weeks with diligent meal prepping and then somewhere

Shakespeare (as always) said it best…

Ain’t THAT the truth…how many times have you been let down because of expectations you have of others, of yourself, of life?  This is not about living in a world without goals or striving for success… It’s about appreciating the