Maudlin Monday

“Emotional” gets a bad rap.  Miriam Webster defines maudlin as, “showing or expressing too much emotion, especially in a foolish or annoying way” Who gets to decide what’s “too much emotion?” When did following your heart and having love and

Q-Tip's Lesson of the Day

…and give it what you got… I was driving home this morning and Q-Tip came on the radio. (side note: I LOVE this new old school hip hop station I found!)  It got me thinking about our culture of always-on-the-go,

Live Like A Cat

Lessons from my cat Dragon: Live life on your own terms.  Take more naps. Be unapologetically you.  If you want attention, ask for it.  Do you tend to overthink things? I know I do. Becoming a lawyer was therefore natural

How to get all your veggies in?

This is my FAVORITE winter meal prep trick and I do it every week with whatever veggies I have in the house. It’s even gotten me to like Brussels sprouts because they don’t taste so gross this way! ??? Not

On Justice Scalia

I try to stay away from politics on social media… But this deserves a mention.  I went to law school when gay marriage wasn’t a reality for pretty much anyone…and reading through (and disagreeing with) pretty much every one of

What parts have you buried?

I used to dress up and “do the best I could.” Which meant I would wear something that came in at the waist, usually accented my boobs, and drew attention away from the rest of me if at all possible.

Balance, Perseverance and Beyoncé.

I’ve been musing a lot lately about balance – physical, mental, emotional, relational, all of it.  Of course, no one is perfect…but we always seem to find idealistic “perfection” in others who posses qualities we believe that we lack. Well,

Healthy Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Dip

Want a HEALTHY, EASY, crockpot, fix-approved buffalo chicken dip for your Super Bowl party (or ANY DAY of the the week…)?? Here it is!  I love putting this on a whole wheat wrap or lettuce leaf for an instant buffalo

Healthy One-Skillet Taco Bowl!

This Healthy ONE SKILLET Taco Bowl Recipe is the BOMB! It makes enough for 8 servings (PERFECT for meal prep) and covers a full serving of protein and vegetables (and you can’t even tell!)  And if you REALLLLLY want a