HTOD Recipe Day! Healthy BEEFALO Burgers

Healthy Recipe Day! My Beefalo Burgers Ok so – I love these because: (1) these burgers are doubly buffalo – meaning made with bison and also flavored with buffalo-wing-style sauce; (2) they are half bison (buffalo meat), half lean beef;

Healthy Tip of the Day: Group Therapy!

A workout can change your entire day – no matter how crappy you may be feeling – into something miraculously better.  There’s something magical (ok ok and scientific) about all that sweat and those endorphins that makes you feel like

Healthy Tip of the Day: Eat MORE often!

Don’t let yourself get into starvation mode!! Be sure to eat something healthy every 2-3 hours. Often people think they should skip meals to cut down on calories when they’re trying to lose weight, but the opposite happens when your

Healthy tip of day: Never Give Up!

This is true for all aspects of your life – including nutrition, fitness, and personal development:  Just keep working at it and you’ll get there!  It may seem like magic when you all of a sudden drop some of those